The Premium Property Podcast is a modern, unique & informative podcast where we interview property professionals from all over the country who specialise in different sectors of the property & investment markets.
What Makes Our Podcast Different?

We believe that our podcast is different to others because we tailor it to those who are new in property. We do this by asking questions surrounding the beginning of our guests journey’s in property and ones that specifically relate to the early stages of investing. However, there are lessons to be learned for people with all types of experience due to the calibre of guests that we interview every week.
Who Are Our Guests?

The guests we have on our podcast are those with differing levels of experience in property from 1 year to 30 years. Ultimately, this means that all of our guests have something different to add and each of them have made different mistakes that we can all learn from. Some of the guests we have had so far include Dugard Property, Craig Sullivan, Saif Rehan and Elite Investor Group.